Mighty Mac

The MIGHTY MAC HOME AEROBIC WASTEWATER TREATMENT PLANT uses an extended aeration, activated sludge process and more. There are two (2) working areas inside the plant. The aeration chamber is where air is introduced, agitating the liquid, and adding oxygen to the liquid. This promotes the growth of bacteria which in turn digests the organic matter in the liquid. The second area is inside a cone located in the center of the tank. This area is the “quiet zone” where the liquid rises upward and the suspended solids settle back into the aeration chamber. This is a continual process with the final discharge of a clear odorless liquid being produced. With new designs and configurations, Mighty Mac has greatly improved the final discharge.

This aerobic treatment process greatly reduces BOD (Biochemical Oxygen Demand), which is a common measure of pollution. This biological process also reduces nitrogen and disease causing organisms in the waste. An aerobic system can remove up to 98 percent of the organic matter and solids from your wastewater, producing a clear effluent, clean enough to spray irrigate. There is no smell and when fitted with a chlorinator, there is no danger of incidental contact of bacteria.

The Mighty Mac Wastewater Treatment Plants have been tested and certified by NSF International. Mighty Mac met or exceeded the NSF/ANSI Standard 40, which is the criterion that residential wastewater treatment systems are tested against. It was rated Class I, the highest rating.

The air pump on the Mighty Mac 500, used to supply air to the treatment system, is very quiet and draws only 67 watts, as compared to other systems that use $20 – $60 a month. Mighty Mac runs on 110v and has a high water alarm. All systems are sold with a two year service contract and two year warranty.

Once your Mighty Mac is installed there are no unsightly large concrete manhole covers that rise above the ground that tarnish the visual effects of your landscaping. These concrete covers are not only ugly, they are dangerous especially for your children. With Mighty Mac, all you see is a 6″ PVC cap which you can paint to match your garden.

With a Mighty Mac aerobic system, all the black and grey water used in your home can be returned to your garden. When you consider the average person uses about 70 gallons per day and a “pipa” (water truck) costs $80 to $100, one can see the advantage of reusing household wastewater.

In an effort to conserve water, many homeowners have decided on a desert landscape. But why not enjoy some grass and tropical plants in your yard with the water that goes down your drain? An aerobic system makes this possible.

Mighty Mac’s are built in Cabo San Lucas and Puerto Vallarta by our highly trained personnel under license from the USA. These tanks are made from RFP using a “State of the Art” Chopper gun. Mighty Mac’s one piece construction means many years of trouble free operation. Quality is our first priority.

  • Mighty Mac 500 GPD (3 Bdrms)
  • Mighty Mac 600 GPD (4 Bdrms)
  • Mighty Mac 750 GPD (5+ Bdrms)

The Mighty Mac Solution

Most people will agree that wastewater is one of their major concerns for the health and safety of their families. Our existing waste treatment plants are overloaded due to the rapid growth in Los Cabos. It seems that even new developments with their own treatment plants are having problems managing their wastewater. Awful sewage smells are very common, monthly maintenance is very expensive and having to pump out waste and haul it away seems counterproductive and costly. When you consider what is required to build a waste treatment plant and the infrastructure, including sewer lines, lift pumps, clean outs, etc., it amounts to a sizeable capital investment and an ongoing maintenance problem and expense.

Mighty Mac offers a solution that deserves your consideration. Our home “mini” aerobic waste treatment plants eliminate smells, infrastructure, and high monthly maintenance fees, plus you can recover all your household water and irrigate with it. Do the math!!

Mighty Mac is the better value.

It’s the Law

The Mexican State and Federal laws are very specific when it comes to protecting enviromental impact caused by pollution. There is a growing pollution problem caused by existing septic systems, which are fouling our lakes, arroyos, aquifers and oceans. All hotels, apartments, homes, etc., that are not connected to a municipal wastewater treatment plant, must provide their own plant and meet Mexico’s stringent regulations. By design, septic systems cannot meet these guidelines and are banned in Baja, except under financial hardship conditions. Citations are being issued as violations are discovered. There is zero tolerance. Mighty Mac aerobic treatment plants are the only NSF International certified systems in Baja and easily meet Mexico’s regulations and are approved for residential and light industrial use.


All Mighty Mac Waste Treatment Plants are warranted against defects in material and workmanship for two years from date of installation. In addition, each system comes with a two year service and maintenance contract which can be extended.